Liquid E2 by acer

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How To Get Galaxy S4 TouchWiz Home Launcher And Weather Widget.

Android device owners will often tell you that their platform is far superior than the competition because it gives them the freedom to change how the operating system looks based on their own personal tastes. With that being said, a great deal of Android users rarely experiment with a change of wallpaper or background, let alone going for a full user-interface overhaul. Maybe they have just been looking for that one fantastic interface experience.

There will always be a great deal of discussion around whether or not users actually like the custom interface bundles that manufacturers apply to their Android devices. Some will undoubtedly despise anything custom that is being forced upon them, whereas others are more than happy to go with the flow and have Samsung or HTC apply choices on their behalf. In all honesty, some users won’t even be aware that their phone ships with a custom UI. If you happen to be a lover of Samsung’s TouchWiz offering, then maybe this Galaxy S4 home launcher and weather widget port will be right up your street.

A senior figure with the Android development community has taken it upon himself to do some work centered around the launcher and weather widget that comes bundled with the Galaxy S4 smartphone. The S4 launcher and accompanying AccuWeather widget have picked up quite a few fans in the time since the original launch, so there will more than likely be a lot of users who will greatly appreciate the fact that it is now available for all compatible Jelly Bean devices.

The port has been tested on the Acer Liquid E2  and it works well..sometimes it crashes but then starts up again by itself.



You need to be rooted first.

1.Unzip zip file to desktop or copy zip file to sd card and install with CWM Done.

2 If you don't have CWM but you must have Root,Copy files in a folder on the root of your sd card,any name of the folder will do just remember it.

3.Download TC (Total Commander) or Root Explorer Play Store and install it.

4.Use TC to copy the folder called system in the folder you made on you sdcard to the system folder in the root folder in TC.

5.Change the files permissions you just copied using TC to 644.Reboot phone.

6 All done.