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This will increase your acer 1GB internal storage to 1.5GB,2GB or 2.5GB (Taken from your Phone memory)

It works very well, but it needs a custom recovery if you want to put all your stuff back on your phone(or you could use link2sd,It save all your apps to the second partion so all you do it reinstall them with it).

Your warranty is now void.

 I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed.

 YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.:)

You need to Erase all data/cache on your Liquid E2 and you do need to set it up again as a new phone after executing it.

I used it on an "Acer Liquid E2 (V370) Single Sim version, but it should work on the Dual Sim version too

 1. You need "ROOT" for this

1. Be sure to have latest CWM recovery installed (I used CWM v6.0.3.5,there is a post about it in the forum)

(If you have anything lower, use "MobileUncleTool" to upgrade your CWM recovery with the one provided here  ;)

2. Reboot into CWM recovery

3. Make a nandroid backup and reboot your phone

4. Download the "AcerV370RE.apk" file from!wVp3QTIL!cAVGgnLW2mNTMLyIz9MBCGnparYnQ1ZsDc5N64gbM3Q" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">here  ;) and put it on your External SD

5. Install it BUT DON'T run it yet

6. Turn off your phone and take out your External SD (Or unmount your External SD card and take it out)

7. Turn phone back on and press on the  "Acer V370 Rom Edit" icon in your app draw or folder(The installed AcerV370RE.apk)

8. Choose your option:

- Partion Stock (1GB) -> Default size of 1GB

- 1,5GB

- 2,0GB

- 2,5GB

- Partion Stock (1GB) -> Default size of 1GB (I don't know why it is shown 2x)

You have to figure out yourself what's best for you, after some testing i did go for the 2,0GB option and the phone works fine no more memory full problems.

09. After you have decided what option to go with press "OK" to confirm it

10. When it's done, choose "Reboot en Recovery" and confirm with "OK"

11. Your phone will now reboot into CWM recovery

12. Wipe cache partition

13. Wipe data/factory reset

13x. Go to advanced and Wipe dalvik cache (Not really needed but i did it to be sure)

14. Reboot system now

15. Now choose your language and setup your acer like a new phone, you don't need to set up a Google account, just skip it and skip the acer Registration stuff to. Once you are on the main home screen go to settings and storage to check your storage, if you did go for the 2,0GB option your screen shoul look like this Screenhots in next post...

Don't mind the "Total Space 2.35GB" showing, whatever option you choose, it will always show this!

16. Reboot into CWM recovery again and restore your nandroid backup

17. If everything went ok, you should now have everything back as before and a working Acer Liquid E2 with 2GB internal storage instead of 1GB

All credits go to"RdS Acer Liquid E2" from the FrAndroid Forums and XDA Developers.

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